Real Client Results!

$66k > $442k

The Mission: 

🎯 Organisation and campaign management

🎯 Accurate reporting

🎯 Introduce testing campaigns

The Result:

✔️Reliable revenue stream

✔️Ability to create data-driven creatives

✔️Knowing exactly what is and isn't working

✔️Diversify marketing budget into new platforms

Snapshot Of The Journey:

Social Slingshot started working with this brand (baby niche) in early 2020, right before the pandemic hit, perfect timing right? 

Before working with Social Slingshot this brand was managing campaigns themselves and this is a direct quote, "I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm really just winging it lol".

We first performed an account audit to drive deeper into the results they were generating for themselves. To our surprise, they were actually profitable and they had no idea! A million ideas came to mind we this new found confidence to advertise.

In the start the goal of the partnership was to increase spend while maintaining profitable ads, especially with the uncertainty going on. Not only were we able to scale spend, we also increase the profitability by improving ROAS, AOV and WCR!

It was a match made in heaven.

This brand then successfully diversified to multiple platforms including FB, IG, Google and Pinterest!

Who wouldn't be happy with a 6.68x Return on Ad Spend! 

Don't Forget To Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say:

Brad C.

High Chair Catchy

Great team supporting our global Facebook marketing campaigns!

We're really enjoying working with the team at Social Slingshot. They're supporting us with global Facebook marketing campaigns and have been super easy to work with, very responsive, always keeping us updated on the latest trends and tricks. It can be daunting to pick the right agency -- but we highly recommend Social Slingshot!

Kimberley H.

Mikro Australia

Awesome Management!!

We have been working with Lachie and Indie for some time now and have been impressed with their services. From the start it was obvious Lachie had our backs! He researched our brand prior to working with us and blew us away with his insights into our biz and what we could achieve. We really appreciate the effort the team go to, to keep us updated and in the loop especially when we are quite time poor. Thank you guys!

Lou H.

The Bees Knees Collective

Awesome Management!!

My experience with Lachie has been very positive, he has helped my online business grow and our social media sales are getting fantastic result. This way of sales and marketing is very new to me but Lachie is extremely experienced in this area and i always feel he wants us to succeed. And always puts any concerns i have into context.

Paul H.

Warren Hill

Lachie has been great to work with

Lachie has been great to work with. Trust is a huge factor when looking for a digital marketer as you are handing over the keys to your business... but we trusted Lachie 100% that he was truly invested in getting the most return from our ad spend.

Sara M.

Grown Clothing

Lachie has been great to work with

Social Slingshot approached us with the perfect 'elevator pitch' and we were instantly won over. We are so glad they have followed up on their promises with great results through our digital marketing strategy. Also the constant communication and feed back from Social Slingshot is invaluable so that we can follow the campaigns and gain confidence through seeing the great results for our selves.

Guillaume M.

Sacred Bundle

Awesome Job!

We have been working with Lachie for quite some time now and he has been doing a fantastic job creating and looking after our Facebook ads. His services have also brought in a very significant amount of sales over the months and we wish we had started this a long time ago! Lachie is professional, punctual and very accommodating and will work around your busy schedules. Highly recommended!

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